Brow Lamination

Initial offer $50 ($70 normally)

Brow Lamination

We can really create magic with this one!

Lasting 4-6 weeks, Brow Lamination is a relatively new treatment designed to provide a more even, fuller, defined shape and look to the eyebrows.

Lamination can create symmetry or correction for hairs that follow a unique or undesirable direction, to give a voluminous full, fluffy or feathered finish. Emphasis can be placed on specific areas of the brow by taming or correcting tough and unruly hair growth patterns.

It can turn unruly, flat, sparse brows into brows you can be proud of.

With daily styling, you can create a subtle or extreme look dependent on your unique style.

* Elleeplex Lash & Brow Serum is highly recommended to purchase at your first treatment - $30

* Please note that you will need to refrain from wetting your brows for the first 24hrs after treatment. Also refraining from steam and heated conditions will prolong your Lamination.